We at Global Ad Solutions have been building the hottest selling, most innovative and effective email submitters since the end of the last century. For 20 years we have diligently labored to provide the marketing community with simple to use, high quality products that make advertising easier and profits soar. In addition, we have allowed our members to resell those products they purchased. For quite a while our members have been clamoring for the opportunity to sell more than one or two of our products and we finally decided, Why Not? and created this awesome program for everyone. It is perhaps the most comprehensive submitter reseller program ever devised and we know people will be gobbling up memberships faster than a speeding bullet.

Now, for only $39.95 a month you can have 60 individual reseller sites and one massive reseller site featuring all 60 products together on one page. The items you'll be able to sell range in price from as low as $10 to almost $30 apiece. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that as little as one sale a month could have you reaping profit.

To sweeten the deal, we handle all the behind the scenes legwork such as maintaining leads databases and providing the hosting for the members areas. How cool is that? All you need to do is advertise your reseller pages and collect the money because we take care of everything else. In fact, we even provide promotional materials for all of the featured submitters on your reseller pages. You won't even have to create your own ads. This is an amazing deal and you're going to want to get your reseller license ASAP so you can start earning immediately.

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The Average Price Of One Of Our Products Is $20, So How Much Can You Earn?

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