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We are currently sending to about 31 million double opt-in leads, but as time goes by and blogging becomes more popular there will be more leads and consequentially we'll have to raise the price accordingly, so if you join now for only $21.97 then you'll get lifetime access and won't be faced with a price increase in the future.

WordPress is the 39th most popular website on the planet, you can see their Alexa report below, and it's clickable so you can go see their stats for yourself if you want. They receive millions of page views each day.

So here's what we're giving you for your one time payment of $21.97. You'll get access to the membersarea where you can send your ad to the database of addresses. Your solo ad in either HTML or text format will be sent to the addresses within 30 minutes of your submission. You can submit as many ads per day as wish as long as you submit responsibly and change the subject line each time you send an ad, if you don't make the subject lines different then people won't even bother to open the email and your time will have been wasted. We're also going to give you the opportunity to become a reseller of the program with and then you can be loading YOUR PayPal account up with $21.97 payments. If you can sell only one membership then yours basically cost you nothing.

Here Are The Categories That We Send To

  Affiliate Programs

Age Groups 18-30

Age Groups 31-45

Age Groups 46-55

Age Groups 55 & Over

Baseball Interest

Beauty and Supplies

Boats and Accessories


Cars and Accessories



College Students

Credit Cards

Dating and Relationships

Debt Consolidation

Doctors / Physicians





Football Interests

Free Giveaways


Grad Students

General Male

General Female



Health and Fitness


Home and Auto Security

Home Mortgages

Home Owners
Income under $25k year

Income $25k - $50k year

Income $50k - $100k year

Income Over $100k year

Internet Shoppers


IT Professionals

Lawn and Gardening



Medical Drugs

Mortgage Issues


MLM / Matrix


New Products

Office Supplies


Pet Owners

Realtors / Mortgage

Sales Management

Seniors Citizens

Small Business Owners

Soccer Interest


Spanish (Worldwide)



Systems Admin

Tax Preparation

Tobacco Products

Travel and Recreation

Trucks and Accessories

Vitamins and Nutrition

Blog providers have special software in place to stop spammers. WordPress uses the highly effective systems provided by the folks at Akismet. Our software will send your ads to people that are interested in the popular and important topics of the day. The people that use WordPress.

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