New Technology Allows You To Send
Email Advertisements To The Cell
Phones Of Over 13,500,000 People!

Welcome to Web-To-Phone, the internet marketers newest and quite possibly most effective way to drive sales. For years marketers have used all the conventional means to generate income online; safelists, solo ads, surfing programs, paid-to-read-email, you name it. Folks use them every day and they work to varying degrees. One new market has only been touched upon by marketers and mostly only by large corporate entities. That method is text message advertising and the reason has been the cost of advertising. That is until now!

"We Guarantee 100% Of All Ads Will Be Opened & Read!"

We have gone to great length to obtain over 13,500,000 cell phone numbers from people who actually want to receive text messages from people offering products and services for sale in many categories. The options are endless as you can advertise almost anything you like. The beauty of our system is that your ad is 100% guaranteed to be seen by everyone who receives your message. Whether they choose to act on it or not all messages must be viewed by the recipient at one point or another. Our goal is to continually add more and more phone numbers to the database to improve your visibility over time. The better this program sells the more effective it will become as we build it for everyone's benefit! It is virgin territory for internet marketing and we are on the forefront by being one of the first, if not the first, to offer this type of advertising for a price so affordable that anyone can utilize it.

"Access To Our Secure Members Area 24 Hours A Day, Seven Days A Week!"

The concept is simple. We use SMS which is a text-based "Short Messaging Service" that allows mobile phones to support packet-based text messaging. While we can't send economically or practically to all 2.5 billion cell phones on the planet, we have amassed over 13,500,000 opt-in's and that's a pretty hefty number for a new service like ours! Once you are a member you will be able to use the advertising interface to place an advert up to 120 characters. This advert will be converted by our system into a text message and will be sent, via our service to all of the cell phones that you choose within our choice of targeted categories. If you like, you can send to all the categories at once. Your ad will appear as a text message on their cell phones from between 30 minutes to 6 hours depending on air traffic and other factors. Our service is a one time fee as well. For the incredibly affordable price of $9.95 you will have access to the members area so that you can utilize it on a daily basis to offer your products and services to our database.

"Here Are Some Screenshots From The Member's Area."

We give you very detailed instructions on how to submit an SMS text message.

Global Ad Solutions Specializes In Email Marketing, Email Submitters, Safe List Marketing. Our Email Marketing Submitters Are 100% Double Opt-In.

Our user interface has numbers that correspond with the
instructions above so every ad you place is successful.

Global Ad Solutions Specializes In Email Marketing, Email Submitters, Safe List Marketing. Our Email Marketing Submitters Are 100% Double Opt-In.

We Send To These Carriers & We Add More Numbers Every Month!

  • Safelink®

  • Cingular®

  • T-Mobile®
  • AT&T Wireless®

  • Sprint Nextel®

  • Cellular One®
  • Virgin Mobile®

  • Boost Mobile®

  • Tag Mobile®
  • MCI®

  • Qwest®

  • Verizon®
  • "A Lifetime Membership Is Only $9.95 & Never Another Cent!"

    Whether you are a marketing professional or a newcomer to online marketing, it pays to try new things to get your message out and our program is undoubtedly the newest concept to come along in a very long time. Better than Web 2.0, we believe our service will open new doors not before available to internet marketing for the masses. Try our service today for the super low price of $9.95!

    You'll also get access to our huge downloads page, our blog submitter, classified ad submitter, directory submitter, ezine ad submitter and search engine submitter. This is an awesome package for a one time fee of only $9.95!

    The Leads In This Database Are 100% Unique To This Submission System.
    Every Lead Is 100% Double Opt-In And Has Requested Information Via Email.

    PayPal® Acceptable Use Policy Compliance Statement

    We're 100% compliant with PayPal's policies because we are not offering unsolicited bulk email submission services, we're not selling lists of any kind nor are we giving out personal identifying information of any kind. The products & services above are 100% permission based.

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    Global Ad Solutions has been helping online marketers for since 1999 by providing safe and effective marketing methods that protect them from spam complaints by ensuring that all our leads are 100% certified double opt-in and fully verifiable. We have a strict spam policy that is strongly enforced and we do not allow advertising that includes pornography or warez of any kind. Our systems are fully CAN-SPAM compliant for your protection.

    Global Ad Solutions Specializes In Email Marketing, Email Submitters, Safe List Marketing. Our Email Marketing Submitters Are 100% Double Opt-In.