We Send Targeted Emails to 32 Million Opt-In Subscribers Daily! Save Time & Money! Never Worry About Spam! We've Got You Covered!

Some companies charge several hundred dollars or more to send only a few thousand emails. It is hard for businesses to make money when email advertising costs so much. We provide an alternative to that high cost of email advertising.

Additionally, there are yet other companies that offer to send emails to various lists of people they have and they call it "Email Marketing" when in fact all they are doing is essentially SPAMMING people with unsolicited emails! Using those companies will cause you to encounter problems and complaints with your internet service provider and could even cause your web site to get shut down!

With Global Ad Solutions that will NOT happen! We GUARANTEE it! You will NOT receive complaints or accusations of sending unsolicited email - with our double opt-in email lists, the people have opted in and expect to receive emails about different companies and their products and services!

Our Targeted Categories Include:    

Affiliate Programs (11+ mil) 

Age Groups 18-30 (2+ mil)

Age Groups 31-45 (2+ mil)

Age Groups 46-55 (3+ mil)

Age Groups 55 & Over (3+ mil)

Baseball Interest (14+ mil)

Beauty and Supplies (4+ mil)

Boats and Accessories (4+ mil)

Books (6+ mil)

Cars and Accessories (11+ mil)

Christian (5+ mil)

Clothing (9+ mil)

College Students (13+ mil)

Credit Cards (13+ mil) 

Dating and Relationships (12+ mil)

Debt Consolidation (9+ mil)

Doctors / Physicians (7+ mil)

E-commerce (6+ mil)

Education (9+ mil)

Entertainment (12+ mil)

Finance (9+ mil)

Football Interest  (18+ mil)

Free Giveaways (8+ mil)

Gambling (8+ mil)

Grad Students (6+ mil)

General Male (19+ mil)

General Female (12+ mil)

Gifts (8+ mil)

Guns (5+ mil)

Health and Fitness (7+ mil) 

Hobbies (3+ mil)

Home and Auto Security (7+ mil)

Home Mortgages (9+ mil)

Home Owners (15+ mil)

Home Value Under $200k (2+ mil)

Home Value Under $300k (3+ mil)

Home Value Under $500k (8+ mil)

Home Value Over $501k (3+ mil)
Global Ad Solutions Specializes In Email Marketing, Email Submitters, Safe List Marketing. Our Email Marketing Submitters Are 100% Double Opt-In. Income under $25k year (2+ mil)

Income $25k - $50k year (4+ mil)

Income $50k - $100k year (3+ mil)

Income Over $100k year (1+ mil)

Internet Shoppers (14+ mil)

Investments (11+ mil) 

IT Professionals (3+ mil)

Lawn and Gardening (5+ mil) 

Networking (8+ mil)

Magazines (4+ mil)

Medical Drugs (8+ mil)

Mortgage Issues (16+ mil)

MP3 (3+ mil)

MLM / Matrix (15+ mil)

Music (16+ mil)

New Products (8+ mil)

Office Supplies (6+ mil)

Parents (16+ mil)

Pet Owners (18+ mil)

Realtors / Mortgage (1+ mil)

Sales Management (5+ mil)

Seniors Citizens (7+ mil)

Small Business Owners (17+ mil)

Soccer Interest (9+ mil)

Software (8+ mil)

Spanish (Worldwide) (12+ mil)

Sports (12+ mil)

Surveys (8+ mil)

Systems Admin (3+ mil)

Tax Preparation (3+ mil)

Tobacco Products (14+ mil) 

Travel and Recreation (7+ mil)

Trucks and Accessories (6+ mil)

Vitamins and Nutrition (9+ mil)

Webmasters (5+ mil)

Weight Loss (9+ mil)

Web Design (8+ mil)

Web Hosting (4+ mil)

These Leads Are Not Found On Any Other Submitter We've Ever Built!

Our company complies with all the laws which dictate the requirements for sending commercial emails. All of our email recipients have double opted-in to the category they requested! Each and every recipient has agreed to receive email advertisements from our company and our members!

When a lead signs up through our lead broker's website they collect all their basic information and they pass it on to us when we purchase the certified double opt-in lead database from them. This enables us to keep track of all our double opted-in subscribers and it enables us to honor ALL unsubscribes immediatly!

Our email ad submission system is 100% proprietary, we have never revealed our techniques to anyone, all of our software and scripts are 100% web based, our members are each given a unique username and password so they can login to our secure members area anytime they want, 24 hours a day, as many times as they want to use the powerful, easy user-friendly submitter interface. Our system is top notch and we lead the industry with our response rates.

PayPal® Acceptable Use Policy Compliance Statement

We're 100% compliant with PayPal's policies because we are not offering unsolicited bulk email submission services, we're not selling lists of any kind nor are we giving out personal identifying information of any kind. The tools and resources shown above are 100% permission based.

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