Global Ad Solutions Specializes In Email Marketing, Email Submitters, Safe List Marketing. Our Email Marketing Submitters Are 100% Double Opt-In.
We Place Ads Directly Into The Inboxes
Of Nearly Forty Million Certified Double
Opt-In Email Subscribers & You Can Too!

Studies have shown that email marketing consistently ranks as the number one most efective means of advertising year after year. That's not surprising because it is a tried and true method of reaching the customer directly where he goes the most, to his inbox. Our new Ad Blast King Power Submitter takes advantage of this fact and sends your ad via email to a database of nearly 40 million double opt-in subscribers (the best kind) hungry for your offers. Plus, our submitter is 100% guaranteed spam free because all mail originates from our servers diretly to the email addresses stored in our databases.

But, it gets better than that because our innovative technology can be used an unlimited number of times a day with no restriction on the number of ads you send. The only thing we ask is that you change your subject line each time you send to reduce unsubscribes from the lists. Other than that, have at it! If you just feel like sending one ad you have the option of allowing our system to autosend your ad for you 8 times over 24 hours. You decide how you want to best utilize the powerful mail submitter.

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PayPal® Acceptable Use Policy Compliance Statement

We're 100% compliant with PayPal's policies because we are not offering unsolicited bulk email submission services, we're not selling lists of any kind nor are we giving out personal identifying information of any kind. The tools and resources shown above are 100% permission based.

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